Thursday, October 12, 2017

#inktober Cubcake and Herman Bear Vs the Dragon

And here is another Inktober offering, no real story here, except it could be a dream Herman Bear is having while he is stranded on the planet Solstice.

#inktober Cubcake Vs Goopface

Hello Damsel Fans, and webcrawlers and 'bots too!
Here's a crack at "Inktober"-

Cubcake plays the role of a dashing aviator who accidentally gets an alien device attached to her left arm while battling a "melting man" type character.


Monday, March 20, 2017

Hekapoo - Star vs the Forces of Evil

Hello Damsel fans, and all you bots and crawlers,
Let me introduce you to my latest flame-
(copyright Disney)

Okay, real late getting started on this blog for 2017, but someone at Disney saw a larger role for this character than just a one shot appearance. Heckapoo is intelligent, super fast, cute, ruthless, and the mistress of the dimensional scissors.

(copyright Disney)
She's also very poised and stylish.
My kind of hot-head! She took a thrashing in the show's season cliff-hanger,
here's hoping she's still around for season 3.