Saturday, May 28, 2016

Shima from Planet Dolan

From Planet Dolan, meet Shima!

Shima is poised, knowledgeable and very appealing and she makes a great teacher! Shima is the voice of reason, and a refreshing antidote to the claims of her boneheaded pal, Dolan.

Both ladies play the "straight man" to Dolan's totally ignorant, and way-out ideas about science and nature, usually setting the record straight.The voice acting for Shima is marvelous as well.

 (all artwork copyright Planet Dolan)
There's also Melissa, who is also knowledgeable, shapely, poised, winsome and charming.
Melissa has appeared only a couple times, as I have seen so far. Demure, yet confident, I find her interesting too.

Have a good Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy!


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Elsie the Borden Cow

Hello Damsels, need to blow off some steam after work. Here's Elsie the Borden Cow, back when she had a figure, and little more glamour. There's some other old nostalgic ads afterwards. Enjoy!