Saturday, November 14, 2015

Wander Over Yonder - The Battle Royale

Hello Damsels, it's time for a late autumn wedding! Here's a screenshot from Wander Over Yonder -  The Battle Royale. Wander envisions a happy marriage between Lord Hater and Lord Dominator. Like that's gonna happen. 

Oh yes, Wander starts a galactic war with every villain fighting over the "Ring of Invincibility". He was playing "telephone" with bystanders. His original message about an engagement ring for Lord Hater to woo Lord Dominator was mangled into the "Ring of Invincibility". Wander had pictured a beautiful wedding ceremony, with Sylvia as a lovely bridesmaid:

She cleans up nice, doesn't she? The low-cut gown in Brilliant Gold sets her off very well. And her hair and make up are perfect! Right... You have to forgive my fascination with her, but a wise female horse creature has always been an archetypal character for me.

But things take a slightly different turn after Lord Dominator is unmasked to reveal the young woman inside. This lead to Hater's sudden vision of his new home life, after the honeymoon of course:

I spotted Wander as a trophy above the fireplace mantle right away, but I didn't notice Sylvia as a rug on the floor until after a second viewing. Hater sure didn't forget Wander's best friend when he set out to make a home for his new family.

Hope you all have warm and cozy winter as we head toward the Holiday Season!

(All art copyright Disney)