Saturday, August 8, 2015

Si Zentner - The Swingin' Eye!!!!!!!!

Wonder who the photographers and the art directors were. I'm not finding it on Google.

Sort of a companion piece for the characters on The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeosie poster. The legs and high heels are just the vehicle for some other message or abstract concept. In both cases, to me it says "get ready to depart from the norm!"

A friend at work sent me a link to Si Zentner's music, and this freaky album cover popped up.
Startin' to dig some of Si's big band jazz.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Wander over Yonder - Sylvia as Gigantor

Okay Damsels, after seeing the trailer for the Season 2 animatic of WOY, I couldn't resist this:

She's gigantic all right, but still...cuddly? Having Gigantor's raw power seems to go with her "Grrl" personality. At first, I quickly bashed her together out of polygon primitives in Maya.

As I worked, her charm started to come through. I had to slow down and really start to detail her.
Even "full-figured", she came out too svelte, too shapely, with million dollar legs. It's a battle to get her back to her giant robot state and follow the WOY animatic.

My Sylvia is still too adorable, but that's how I see her. Oh well. I added a basic 4 light setup, and started to render her in Mental Ray.

For some reason, the thought of Sylvia having real power, and actually being indestructible inspires me . Seeing her standing there, quiet, but still surly, confident and powerful makes her the perfect muse for late summer.

(original copyright Mitsuteru Yokoyama, and then, Disney)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Wander Over Yonder - Sylvia as Gigantor Robot

I like Sylvia's new look-
as a Gender bending Gigantor!

Now that's power! I think it suits her for some strange reason.

She can even blast off like the original. These must be powers she secretly wished she had.

  And here's Sylvia as a dashing adventurer. The scarf and the boots set off her costume nicely. Looks like they are turning up the heat on Wander Over Yonder for Season 2. There's a lot more action, and the new super villain is secretly a girl. We also get to see some male Zbornaks. I'm looking forward to seeing Sylvia strut her stuff.

(artwork copyright Disney)