Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Disney XD's - Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil

Finally, a young damsel for 2015 who is cute, and has power. I guess her name is Star; 
created by Daron Nefcy for Disney XD. Star is a 14 year old princess from another dimension. She also has a joyful attitude that spills over into sheer recklessness. It's always strange how anime' is transformed in the United States, and morphs into an American style.

(art copyright Disney)

But Star's voice and long hair appeal to me somehow. The Godzilla boots and her color scheme grab me as well. She seems to have a crush on the young guy named Marco.
Marco is a rather nervous, risk-averse young man. I can relate, especially when she can turn his world upside down the way Bewitched, I dream of Jeannie, or Sabrina could.

I'm a bit confused: Disney must want exposure, but they ask people to limit sharing this video. I will take it down if it becomes a nuisance. I saw this on Jerry Beck's Animation Scoop, so we can say it's his fault.

UPDATE, courtesy of Michael Sirjue (on Facebook), and the Business Insider