Monday, July 28, 2014

No Comic Con - More Jet Puffin Sketches

More rough sketches of Boffette and company I'm trying to cleanup and color. Most of these are from 2013.

"Eek what's that?!?"

"Oh, it's THAT."

Cubcake and Lady Cobra suit up to head to the rescue...

But Lady Cobra finds that getting into a humanoid power suit is trickier than she thought, especially when the suits have their own basic sense of sentience!

Finally, the cavalry is on it's way.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Party Animal - Wander over Yonder

Hello A.D.D. Been busy this summer. Sorry I haven't posted in a while.

Poor Sylvia, in trying to stop Emperor Awesome from destroying a planet with one of his world ending parties, she has to become the thing she despises...

(Images copyright Disney Corp.)
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The over the top Party Chick!

Her plan was to sneak into the crowd, "charm" her way onto the stage, take Awesome by surprise, and punch his lights out. That was the plan anyway.

Unfortunately, Sylvia is caught off guard, and trapped in a Go-Go dancer cage, much to Emperor Awesome's delight.

While Sylvia does her best to break free, and tear Awesome to shreds, it's Wander who saves the day. Wander wanted to join the "fun" right at the start, but Sylvia didn't trust him. She ends up tying Wander to a post. Wander is left alone, like Odysseus tied to the mast, tortured by the song of the sirens. Sylvia is finally forced to call out to Wander to join the party and dance, Dance, DANCE when she realizes he is their only hope. By kicking out some incredible dance moves, Wander out-parties the "Party Animal", Emperor Awesome. The dance poses and animation for this episode show some incredible work by Craig McCracken's crew. (I think Michael Jackson would have approved!)

Needless to say, it's Sylvia who takes the abuse again. I have to admit, I see Sylvia as an appealing female character. But seeing her dressed as the Party-Chick is disturbing. Her direct approach in confronting the villain never seems to work. And her sacrifice in changing her "hair", wearing "clown makeup" and uncomfortable shoes was all in vain.
In contrast to Lord Hater's fear mongering, Emperor Awesome wants everyone to worship, admire, and envy him. Especially the females. But Sylvia's "Ewww" perfectly expresses her revulsion at Awesome, and his whole chauvinistic scene.
Still, let's still hear it for Sylvia, the Noble Fighting Lady who never gives up!