Sunday, June 22, 2014

Violence against Women

I found this article on the North Hollywood-Toluca Lake Patch: Most women feel afraid to walk home alone. But here I am again, placing cute sexy female characters in danger. I guess I still fantasize about women who can handle themselves. Maybe we should envision a world where less situations like this exist.

Boffette's suit is damaged and low on power after a rough battle. Then a hand grabs her from the darkness as she tries to make her way home. This is just melodrama here. But the headlines don't seem to focus on:

Violence against women
Women as second class
Women are seen as not in control of their own bodies

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sylvia as Star Sapphire

Can't seem to let this go...

But I did keep the outfit toned down... As much as I could. Sylvia would have been an easy candidate for the Red Lanterns.

Maybe Sylvia has more Love in her than she realizes!
(copyright, with more apologies to DC Comics, Disney and Craig McCracken)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tove Jansson

I stumbled across a copy of "Who will comfort Toffle" while on an expedition to Hi-De-Ho Comics in Santa Monica. I had seen some of the Moomin books before, but it never quite clicked in my head that it was all written and drawn by Tove Jansson.

Anyway, there were some interesting characters in Jansson's work, besides the Moomins. Her female characters like the "Fillyjonk" and this horse lady caught my eye. Earnest, yet surreal at the same time, Jansson's characters grapple with the mysteries of life, along with the humdrum chores that go with it. And also some very strange neighbors:

Something about the work made me feel young again, as corny as that sounds. It took me back to when I was little, and all ladies were lovely, mysterious giants.

(all artwork copyright Tove Jansson)

Sorry I didn't find these books sooner. But it made sitting on the 405 with an overheating radiator worth the trip.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Wander over Yonder Sylvia Fan Art

It seems I have a fan out there...

Someone liked one of my Sylvia drawings, A LOT, and used it to give her a new swimsuit. She looks cute. I'm a little bit angry, but I'm also flattered. I'm not on deviantART. I'm not comfortable with that type of exposure.

Granted, Sylvia is a Disney character, although I'll bet you'll never find her in any of the Disney Princess Collections. In fact, they show another side of her "action girl/mama bear" personality: