Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas coffee break

Here's some quick sketches at the Coffee Fix over on Moorpark and Whitsett. Kind of rough, and I need more patience with the scanner. But I wanted to show my female superhero characters relaxing while doing some Christmas shopping.

Coffee Fix is very pleasant, quiet and feels very homey. This is probably because of the old store front it's in.

Cubcake, Boffette and Lady Cobra have a little Holiday toast. Boffette is sort of the "Mom", Cubcake the hothead, and Lady Cobra is the mystic. Best to all in the New Year.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Mae West - I used to be Snow White

I guess this was a quote from Mae West - "I used to be Snow White, but I drifted."

Ah, cheesy, girly cocktail napkins, just in time for the Holidays.
Could be for Christmas, New Years, you name it.
Pretty tame now, but still insulting. Sorry.