Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Susan Sontag - Notes on Camp

Working at the May Company's ad department photo lab back in Cleveland, I learned a little about Susan Sontag and her "Notes on Camp" from the guy running the stat camera.  Camp is described as

                                    (from "Operation Rabbit - copyright Warner Bros.)

Things like the old "Batman" TV show and Godzilla movies earned some type of merit because they were sincere in their attempts at creating, well, art. Perhaps pop-art as well.

I wonder what her reaction would be with my work on this blog...

(Articles copyright their respective publishers)

Just tryin' to raise the level of discussion a little bit higher.

Are The Women In Comic Books Too Sexy For Kids?

A couple days ago, I found this article on my morning Linkedin feed. Naturally, the topic was right up my alley for this blog:

Here we go again...

Where to start? A rule thumb my friend's wife told me was "titillation, not gratification."

From this discussion, then I'd have to say yes. Unfortunately, minors are already exposed to some pretty horrendous stuff as they get into reading and absorbing media. And then reading comics in particular. Of course, we can't blame it all on the internet. Any departure, or distraction has to come with some "out". Even if you are just getting on a roller coaster, in the back of your mind you will get off at the same platform you started from in one piece. Maybe:) But now junk food is used as a substitute for good nutrition.

And then we have to drag out poor old Fredric Wertham...

From my reckoning, there has to be a cut off point where a very young child won't understand any sexual images they are seeing. Like 2 years old and under? I remember traveling through Cleveland's near west side and seeing a kid standing by the entrance of an old hot dog stand we liked. He couldn't be more than 8 years old. But he was out there on a cold winter night calling out "We buying, we supplyin'!" I didn't stop to get his story, but his life path looked fixed.

Still, my tastes and fascinations were established early on;) At least in the old Terrytoons, and other cartoons of that time, sex was used simply to distract the bad guy. Or just for cheap laffs.

I still see my female characters as the cartoon girl next, who has a secret life. I guess you can thank Saturday morning TV for that. My rule is that they are intelligent, exciting and adventurous women, but they are not floozies. The tight outfits give them movement, and protection; the big boots are for jet flight, carrying gadgets and stomping on bad guys. But then, anyone can take it step further, and walk off a cliff, sexually speaking.

Parents have the right to protect their children, but young birds leave the nest sooner or later. I worry that we have already reached a saturation point, and young people may become too numb to respect the boundaries of others. Just look at the news. It seems to be more about power. Power to get what you want, or power to punish those who disagree with you.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wander over Yonder Sylvia

Sylvia, the female dino-horse, likes a good fight. She makes a nice balance to Wander, who is all about peace, love and groovyness. First cute non-humanoid character I've seen in a long time.
I'm making her an honorary Diabolical Damsel.

Here's my take on her, after a make-over. From what I've seen, I'm pretty sure she would be furious with it. She still needs more work. I started in Flash, but wound up printing it out and cleaning up the drawing by hand. It's been years since I worked on a drawing like this. Took too much time, for sure.

                      (Art concept copyright Disney Channel)

Note: Here she is as a lounge singer. No one is clicking on her; this was my latest post on 9-29-13. Mostly webcrawlers I guess.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Armoured Lady Cobra

Hello Diabolical Damsels, I skipped out on you last month. Finally had a quiet day to myself to come up with something for you. This website helped me with a new design for a power suit for the Lady Cobra.

It took a lot of futzing with the Distort>Glass and Distort>Polar Coordinates to come up with a snake skin texture in Photoshop. But now the Lady Cobra is safely encased in an armoured power exoskeleton. She finds it stylish, but a little redundant. But the reinforced, beam deflection, acid, shock and bulletproof coatings sure help keep danger at bay...

All Photoshop, no sketch! I need to bring out her face more.