Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Boffette Startled

Haven't drawn Boffette in a while. Quick sketch tweaked in Photoshop. Got to get my line back.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Hollywood Reporter- 10 Inappropriately Sexy Cartoon Characters

Stumbled across this on Black Friday morning, November 2012.


(Cubcake shows off her new power-gem to Herman Bear.)

It's clear men have a blind spot about boundaries when it comes to making women into sex-objects. There may always be stereotypes, glamor, spectacle, shock value, and cheap laughs. IMO, characters such as Jessica Rabbit pretty much set the limit as far as bad taste, and, ironically, still remain as an endearing character. (There are the rougher, more brutal animated films, and movies in general where women are treated as... (fill in the blank)

Which begs the question: Should there be no sensuality at all? Should we all just go around in sack cloth and ashes? Most of us have had girlfriends, sisters, female co-workers, even moms, right? We see them through our hearts, and our attachment to them will always trump any glamor magazine. Also, I also think part of the answer lies in how people carry themselves. Some folks, male or female, can spend a fortune on diets, cosmetics and workouts, and still have not much appeal. Then there's a line from the Lovin' Spoonful song: "Your heart gets stolen by some mousy little girl."


It will always be a world on the edge. We are still fascinated by the "Pretty Girl in Jeopardy" theme. And yet, we still get bugged when someone is trying to being "hot"; and jamming it in our faces when we're really not in the mood for it.

After 50 some years of consuming animation and Marvel Comics, I feel like the worst offender sometimes in putting out this blog. And the heart is fickle, and there are many "diamonds in the rough" we will never appreciate. But then I've gone off into romance haven't I? Maybe I'm just some myopic chauvinist who believes women should be seen... and not hurt. Especially during the Holiday shopping season. "The victim was asking for it, being dressed like that."

If anyone is really reading this blog, let me know if I'm putting out anything worthwhile.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ice Wolf Goddess-Doctor Spectrum style

And poor old Herman Bear managed to get her ticked off! Sort of a Doctor Spectrum tribute with the power crystal on the back of her hand. Really loose sketch, tweaked in Photoshop.
More work in progress. *sigh* Don't worry, it has a happy ending... Maybe.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Ice Wolf goddesses

Distant, swirling goddesses from the North brood down on us...
Work in progress; Photoshopped from quick sketch. I've always had these tall, frosty wraiths in the back of my mind, now that the election is over, I'm bringing you the first glimpse.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Good blog, bad blog

What is the main purpose of a blog? Offer expertise or opinions on certain subjects. Make money. Or be a general benefit to society. On the other hand, someone took the time to research this:


What kind of message are they trying to send with Lola Bunny?


At first glance, she's fun, she's cute, she's sexy- But- she's also intelligent, street-smart, athletic and very resilient.
A good model for young women? A female many guys find attractive?

I'm torn with this blog. There's a lot of distasteful furry stuff out there already. The advice I got from a friend was "Titillation, but not gratification".

I'm trying.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Blog Value

I see the numbers on this blog have really dropped. I must not be doing this well, according to business models. I just wanted an outlet for my female fantasy characters, but I see now that a blog has to make money(well duh), be an authority on some subject, or offer some meaningful contribution to society. Maybe it's time to pull the plug on this, or put it in mothballs for the time being. Entertainment and spectacle have some function, but I don't even have any T-shirts to sell.
Besides, the world has been choked enough with cute, sexy characters right?





Blogging; just an end unto itself?